Boss 19-4611

Who’s the boss? I am! I’m Boss and the name says it all. I’m settling into my foster home and so far so good. My foster family is nice. The girls are sweet, but I’m still working out with the boys who’s in charge here. Should be obvious, did they see my name is BOSS?! I’m not one of those fresh young pups, I’m 6 years old, so I know a thing or two. And these silly hoomans they don’t realize it, but I’ve already got them well trained. To get my attention, they give me treats…yup, I’ve got this foster dog thing figured out alright.

He does like long, slow walks. He likes to meet new people so he

Can get a little excited when he sees them but takes correction Very well. He is crate trained although is not a huge fan. We do leave him out a lot so he may be
fine out. He’s great with all dogs he’s met and is 100% cat friendly.

Boss is done with his heart worm treatment and ready to go!

He’s a sweet boy about 6. Great with dogs,  cats,  kids.  His very chill and just likes scratches, naps,  and food.