Blinky 23-4500

I’m brand new and just got into my foster home. I have an upper respiratory infection, emaciated, I need to be neutered and vetted. I am heartworm negative so yay on that.

I get along great with my current foster dogs, even when one of the little bossy dogs is not so nice to me. I just back right off. So far I have ignored cats but a little curious about them. Something tells my FM (foster mom) that if a cat walked up to me and said “Boo!” I might run.

I am so friendly and cuddly I’m what my FM calls a “Stage 5 clinger.” Do you need to make a bed? Guess what I will be assisting you with that and I will stand right between you and the bed glued to your legs. You need my presence to make sure that the fitted sheet gets on good.

My FM has been trying to explain I don’t have to lie on a hard floor anymore. I can lay on the 47 dog beds she has in every room of the house, but I’m still a little hesitant. But I’m starting to get it. I really prefer to be in the bed with you. But my FM explains to my stubborn self this is not allowed. Let’s just say FM and I had a wrestling match and unfortunately, it’s FM:1, Blinky: 0. But I’m sure we will have a re-match on that.

My FM has a pool and the first thing I did was walk right into the pool. It was a lesson learned, that I do not like the pool and I’m not a good swimmer. I don’t really like baths either that’s a two-man job. I do like the towel part. Just not the soap and water part.

I do prefer to be outside I just feel the most comfortable laying in the sunshine on the grass. It’s my preferred spot. But I also want to be with my humans.

Oh and just so you know I have only one working eyeball. Hence my name “Blinky”

Please consider inviting me to your home. I promise I will give you lots of love and butt wiggles. I will be the absolute best snuggler ever!!