Athena 19-4575

Athena, named after a warrior princess. Why you ask? Because just like the Greek Goddess, I am wise for my age and have shown great courage in the face of adversity. At just 2 years old, I came to the Rescue malnourished, with parasites and heartworms, AND a litter of pups. I fought fiercely to take care of my babies. I am very healthy now, my pups have all been adopted, and I just can’t wait to find my forever home!

With all I’ve overcome, I have never lost my love for others. Foster mom has said I have the most beautiful “soulful” eyes, I’m very affectionate and have never met a stranger, adults, kids, and other pets. Even when I was nursing, if you wanted to visit with my pups, my only rule “pay the toll and give me some lovin’ too!”

Despite my rough past, my tail never stops wagging and I am full of love to give. If you adopt me, brace yourself for all the unconditional love!


TOYS! Oh my goodness toys! They are my favorite. Each one better than the last! When I get a new toy, it’s like I have never seen one before! I prance around proudly, tossing it the air to show it off and then before anyone can snatch it away, I run and stash it safely in my crate. I’m building quite the inventory. If I had to choose one favorite, it would be the tennis balls. I love chasing them around like they are little critters and I’m always down for a game of fetch!

I’m learning though that not everything is a toy to play with. I tested Foster Mom’s patience and got in a little bit of trouble when I found this awesome, giant pillow FULL of feathers. It kept me very busy for quite a while. The feathers were never-ending and it was one after another after another. I made sure that no parts of the room missed a feather share and greeted Foster Mom excitedly, with my tail wagging. I was just so proud of my effort!

I’m very smart though and as I learn more and more, I am extended more freedoms. I don’t mind staying in my crate and will go in willingly, but baby gates or other barricades are no match for my jumping skills.

I’m a big girl and since I was weak and malnourished for so long I don’t really know my strength well enough. You’ll just want to watch out when you open the crate door. I get so excited when I see my humans it’s like all that love have been charging up and I burst out of the crate eagerly to greet you with love and joy. With time I will learn to be more mindful of the strength and power that comes with that and will learn to be more careful in greeting my humans. My intentions are good, but I prefer not to hide my feelings for my human folks.

I don’t bark much and am a good girl on the leash. I love walkies (so a HUGE thank you to Dog+Bone for donating this really awesome collar and leash set!) and car rides, even if they end at the vet’s office. What can I say, everyone at the vet loves me and I love the attention!

I’m a pretty easygoing pup, easy to please and eager to please. The only things I don’t like are loud noises, like the hairdryer and washing machine, and well…lizards…EW! No thanks!

If you open your home and make me a part of your world I promise to love you unconditionally and will be by your side for ever and ever. I’m loyal and lovable and you’ll never have to guess how much I love you. Foster Mom says that whoever is lucky enough to have me as a forever pet will be truly blessed and I couldn’t agree more! SO if you’d like to learn more about me or are ready to make me a part of your family, fill out your application today! Let’s not waste any more time and get our forever started!