Artie 21-4315

He’s a very, very sweet boy, gentle and loving with all people and this boy is young and FULL of energy – he does not walk anywhere, he runs at top speed, even in the house. From room to room, he’s running and skidding on the floor. Extremely hard-headed, does not listen to a single thing we say, ever.

He loves toys and will amuse himself chewing or will bounce around the room/yard playing fetch with us. Has not ever had an accident in the house and hasn’t touched anything that’s not his toys. Overall a very good, very sweet boy with just a few rough edges.

Being introduced to our girls, he barked, growled, and lunged every time he saw them for several days. He’s fine with them now though. He does the same thing on walks when he sees dogs so he will need a slow introduction to new dogs. I’m not sure he will be able to be a dog who can really going out in dog friendly spaces, but his foster mom is working on that.