Courtesy Listings

Courtesy Listings are for other rescues or private owners to spread the word about other great adoptable dogs. If you are interested in these wonderful dogs please use the contact information listed with each dogs info.

These dogs have no affiliation with Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue and we except no responsibility to the accuracy of the listings.

   Meet Felix:

I arrived at the CBHR at the same time as my basset hound buddy Oscar. We were reported as a bonded pair, but as it turns out, we are not quite that close and I am just fine in my new foster home. I guess we were somewhat unlikely companions just like the other Oscar and Felix.
So, here’s a bit about me. As you might expect for a dog my breed, age, and size I am not quite a basset. I have a lot of energy and like to play “catch and fetch.” Compared to my current basset roomies I am quick. Even though I am faster and bigger, I am gentle with them. Honestly, I think they look funny and need to grow longer legs. I really like my chew toys and can be a bit persistent with my humans when it is time to play. I understand toys are for chewing and other things are not. I also will respond to commands like, “sit” and “down”. How many bassets do you know that will do that?.
My foster family has really helped me with going outside and using the doggie door. I do like to loudly greet people and dogs walking by my foster’s house, but my foster parents are asking me to use my inside voice. My leash training is going very well, it is just that I need to understand my own strength sometimes.
So, even though I might be a bit of a surprise in your basset quest, I am a great guy and full of life and love. I promise to sleep through the night, behave myself, and be a great addition to your forever home. Why don’t you give the CBHR a call, and me a chance?

Click here to adopt or inquire about Felix.

Or contact Chuck at

   Meet Dixie Rose:

Dixie is a high arousal boxer who likes to play roughly. What begins as play escalates quickly to aggression. She demand barks when she is not getting attention and shows signs of separation anxiety when the owner has attempted to crate her. She needs a quieter home with more structure and fewer distractions. When she is solo with her owner, she is snuggly and social. She is very affectionate and loves toys, especially balls, squeakies and stuffies.  She would do best in a home with boxer experience and probably best with no children or older dog savy kids.

Dixie is currently still living with her owner while she attempts to rehome her. The owner has asked for the RHSPCA’s help in reaching out to rescues. If you’re unable to help, would you consider doing a courtesy post on your social media or website?

Please contact

Jo Benjamin
Adoption/Rescue Coordinator
Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA
[email protected]


MEET Bella & Leila

Both dogs are about 6 years old and females. They are inside dogs and accustomed to using a doggie door. Both are incredibly sweet and quite
loyal. They are good with all kids they have been in contact with. Cats are not suggested due to lack of exposure.

Leila (boxer mix) is light brown. She is on meds for spay incontinence but the meds are effective and there are no indoor accidents. She also has some skin allergies that she takes Benedryl for.

Bella (boxer) is dark Brindle in color. Bella has no ongoing health issues. She has had surgery to repair torn ACLs on both legs and has recovered fully.

Both girls come from a loving home and are only being re-homed due to a major life change.

References will be required to ensure their safety.

Contact Mary Ellen Fischer @ (864) 617-5536 and leave a message.



Cj is a fantastic little boxer mix that was recently found as a stray. The couple that found her were hoping to keep her and make her a permanent part of their family however. Their 11 year old male was not very keen on the idea so alas they need to find a great home that will love her as much as her foster mom & dad do. CJ is very sweet and loves other doggies and has been great around children. We aren’t sure about kitties. This CJ just like the Baywatch CJ has a love of the beach! So if you want someone happy to put their paws in the sand with you, CJ is your girl. Cj is just an all around great dog in need of a loving home.

Please email Sam and ref the courtesy listing with BRBR at the email [email protected]

Your not going to want to miss out on this little beach bum.


Meet Ari

With a very heavy heart I am trying to rehome my son’s dog Ari. He adopted Ari 2.5 years ago while he was in college. Since then he has graduated, joined the military and will be starting medical school in July. The school is telling him that he will be in the lab or class 60 hours a week plus his military commitment makes taking good care of Ari impossible. This sweet boy is a boxer/plot hound mix and weighs 50 lbs. He is UTD on all shots, heart worm medication and neutered. He is good with dogs his size or bigger and same energy level but has done fine being an only dog. He hasn’t been around cats or small children.

While I’m not charging a rehoming fee I will check vet references and that the home has a fenced in yard.

Please reach out to me if you are interested and please share! [email protected]om, Charlotte, NC. I will transport as far as needed!