Pepper 2017

I’m Pepper I am brand new to BRBR. I had a hard life until now. I’m looking forward to having my very own family to love. I would love for that home to have a doggy buddy that I can hang out with. But if you don’t have a doggy buddy for me if we could occasionally have a play date with some doggies that would make me very happy.   I’m super sweet and laid back girl I love food but even though I love food I take food very gently from people which my foster mom says is a good thing. I get along great with other dogs I started doggy day care this past week so I can stay nice and socialized. I am having so much fun hanging with all these doggy buddies. I go on Mon, Wed & Fridays. It is so much fun I’m very good at adjusting my behavior to fit in with whatever dogs are around.

I also love kids. I kind of don’t understand what personal space so I might be a little much for kids under 5 because I just want to get right in your face and love on you. But my foster mommy says we need to work on respecting personal space just a little.  She doesn’t mind, but she says some people are not fond of puppy kisses all the time like she is. So she is teaching me that I don’t have to kiss all the time to show how much I love you.

My foster mom says its kind obvious I have never really been loved before. I’m not very good at just relaxing next to you it takes me like 5 to 10 minutes of being petting before I will lay down next to you on the couch. I will stand there and let you pet me forever if you want to. If you stop petting me I do get the hint and go lay down.

I get very excited when new people come in the house or when its time to eat. My Foster mommy has to make sure i have gone and done my business at least twice before that or I may have a piddle accident. When new people come in i get supper excited so I accidentally piddle I don’t mean to but I just can’t help it. That also may be from having had puppies as well. We aren’t sure but its not on purpose. It doesn’t happen every day or at all if you make sure I have fully empty my bladder.

I am very well behaved if left in a room (with out food trash cans or kitchen counters to surf) especially if I have a doggy pal. I just go an relax on the couch or dog bed. So I have the potential to be a free roam dog but for now my foster momma says we don’t trust me fully yet so crate time is mandatory. I’m not super fond of going in the crate but once in I whine some at first I will stop after a few minutes and I just nap really hard after that. Sometimes she scares me when she comes to get me because I’m sleeping so hard.

I will counter surf and I really like trash cans so we are working on that. My foster mom just closes the door to her kitchen and if forget about that there is food in there. I’m very very interested in these Birdies my foster mom has. So probably small animal buddies are not going to be in my future. I was also very interested in the neighborhood cat named pearl it didn’t feel aggressive just too interested. I was easily called away from it which was good.

There are lots of these soft squeaky thing my moms calls toys and I sure do like them they are super funny to me. I like to talk to them and tell them my puppy secrets.

I need to gain about 5 to 6 more pounds as I’m on the skinny side but I have already gained 3 lbs since I got to my foster moms house a week ago. I’m already spayed. I am HW positive but already gone thru the first treatment so I will just need my monthly HW pill and a periodic recheck until im negative which the rescue will provide.  I do have a case of happy tail, the rescue and the vet feel its best if we get rid of that pesky thing so don’t have to worry about infections or me painting the walls. I will have my tail removed 02/24 and it will be a good 5 to 10 days for healing. I also have a few lumps and bumps we are going to remove since I will be under just to be cautious. After that I will be ready to go to a forever home around March 6.

So if you are looking for a little spice in your life look no further just send in your application for Pepper today!! I will be waiting for you.