Millie 2017

She’s a very sweet girl. Loves attention and her nub wags a million miles an hour. She likes her crate. Millie went in it all on her own. She saw the door open and went right in and laid down.  She’s skinny, but we will fix that in no time. She knows sit, needs to learn leash manners and seems to be potty trained. She’s met my guys through the crate and fence.  It went ok. She’s a little unsure I think. so slow intros moving forward and still needs to be spayed but she is ready to find a loving home. Millie continues to do well. She’s playful, sweet and pretty. What more could you ask for?  She’s great with my dogs. She can be a bit much for my seniors, but Boo Radley and her play great. She loves to run. Zoomies in the backyard is a common occurrence. Boo will chase briefly, but she’s way too fast for him. He just waits for her to finish so he can wrestle some more.


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