Lucas 2017

You will fall in Love with Lucas. He is smart, lovable and wants to please. He is house and crated trained.  Learning to walk on a leash.  Starts off on a leash with trying to lead but settles down  after about 5 minutes.  He is full on puppy in a fenced yard running, playing and chasing. He is currently in a home with two older boxes and they all get out and rough house in the yard.  Since he is a puppy he does love his chew toys. He has not chewed on shoes or furniture here.  In the beginning we crated him at night which lasted about a week. We now trust him and he sleeps on a dog bed beside our bed.  He sleeps through the night and does not roam. While on vacation he did learn to use a doggy door but at our home he rings a bell on the door to go outside, he picked that up very quickly.  He is able to free roam all day as I work from home.  He would probably do best not being crated for long periods. When we leave the house we do crate him.  He knows, sit, no and off.  He does get very excited to meet new people and does jump up, we are working on the jumping.  He rides in the car very well.