Izzy 2017

She is as you can already see a sweet goofy girl. Her “kidney bean and nub wag” skills are on point when anyone comes through the door!
We won’t tell her foster sisters and brother but on the fur softness scale she has got them all beat, seriously velvety soft.
She loves to follow me around even if I know she is tired, as I walk from room to room, so does she!
She loves the other dogs and is learning quickly how to play and about dog nylabones. She is fantastic about kid toys and leaving them alone even when her skin sister doesn’t clean up small toys like shopkins!
She loves to be loved on and sometimes if she feels it’s her turn for loving she will sing her pterodactyl boxer song, which is hilarious but we are working on that with her.
She loves routine and was pretty quick to adjust. Fully house trained and unless you have a very secure fenced back yard should be watched as she looks for escape routes sometimes.
She is content to sleep on dog beds or my blanket that is so large I leave her enough at the foot of my chaise to lay on. I think she could be easily persuaded to be a couch dog though.