Wrigley aka Hilary 2017

Hey folks I am 5 years old and I’m gonna start my heartworm treatment 7/11. I am very sweet, loving and I have tons of energy so I probably wont dig this chill out treatment stuff they have planned for me to get rid or these pesky heartworms.

I would love nothing better than to have someone that wants to play as much as I do. Some dogs don’t appreciate my high energy play style but I bet there is someone out there with a pooch that will appreciate that sort of thing in a lady. You will probably need a fence in yard for me or be okay with going to the dog park regularly so I can burn off all this fun I have bottled up inside me.

My foster mom says I’m a little rough around the edges because no one bothered to train me and show me how I’m supposed to act on the leash or basic commands but she is helping me with that. But I think someone should take me to finishing school (aka obedience)  to learn even more and help polish me up a little.  I have done great with a 9 year old skin kid but I probably shouldn’t go in a home with kids on the toddler size so probably best if they are around 5 and up just cause I’m a high energy girl. I wouldn’t mean to knock a kid down I just get so excited and I love having fun.

Put in your application today some lucky duck is gonna scoop me up otherwise.