EmmyLou 2017

Hi I’m EmmyLou. You may have seen some of my kin on Facebook. Those cute little boxer pups JP, Haggard, etc those little faces  have been on the social interwebs well those are my kids. But guess what I’m almost done weaning my pups and I am looking forward to a nice vacation. Don’t get me wrong im a good momma and doing great with my pups but this little girl is ready to kick back and enjoy some downtime.

I am Hw positive so I do have to get those pesky things taken care of. But I am about as sweet as they come. I love people, dogs, kids I basically ignore other animals. I currently live on a farm helping out protecting these parts. I don’t like it when strangers come up and I will let you know that someone new is here. But once my foster mom gives the okay then we are all good. So you don’t have to worry about and baddies sneaking up on you I will be on the case.

I get along with pretty much everything on the farm. I show only a slight interest in cats but its probably because I want to smell them. With just a simple leave it or call my name and i have already lost insterest. As you can see by my photo’s I can be a big help around the farm to. I will pitch in and lend a paw where I can.

See Ya’ll later!!