Dixie 2017

Hello everyone!  I am new to this rescue and so far I really like it.  My name is Dixie and I am in a foster home with just me and my foster mom right now.  She says the last guys got adopted but maybe she will get someone else here soon. My last people could not afford to pay for heart-worm treatment so they gave me up so I could get better.  I am taking a big green pill right now but mom wraps it in cheese for me.

I am not much of a toy girl.  I love to talk to people and other dogs.  I’m really friendly and snuggly.

I think my favorite thing about my new foster home is the big front porch.  I just love to be outside laying in the sun.  I do not bark at the people going by but I will go out to the fence with my nub on high speed.I get to go for short walks and foster mom says she has never in her life had a dog that walked so well on a leash.  Makes me feel proud to hear her say that.

My fur is so soft since I came here and got baths.  Mom says she washed 2 pounds of Georgia clay off me.  I kind of like the bathtub now but the first time I escaped while I was all soaped up.  Greased pig contest my mom said. I am learning some commands.  Dixie come is what I know best.  I wait for my food until I hear okay.  I seem to have some trouble with the sit thing. All in all, things are good.  I have to be spayed (whatever that means )  That is first, then go through that heartworm treatment so I can run and play and be healthy.

Next thing up will be ADOPTION.  Foster mom says that is always one of the big moments in a rescue dog life.

  • Weight:   53
  • HW Status:  positive
  • Tail:   docked
  • Ears:  natural
  • Spay/Neuter:   pending
  • Good with male dogs:  yes
  • Good with female dogs:  yes
  • Good with small dogs:  yes
  • Good with cats:  don’t know
  • Good with children:  yes
  • Energy Level scale 1-9 (sleepy –energetic):  5
  • Intelligence scale 1-9 (silly-genius):  5
  • Friendliness scale 1-9 (aggressive-affectionate): 8
  • Playfulness scale 1-9 (not playful-very playful): 5
  • Disposition scale 1-9 (anxious-calm):  8
  • Nicknames:
  • Favorite food/toy/treats:
  • Must be in a home that has the following:  
  • Is a fence necessary or is leashed exercise sufficient?:  
  • Medical issues:  HW positive, starting treatment.  Not spayed
  • Needs work on:   Unable to sit