Boxer Surrender

Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue will accept owner surrenders ONLY when space allows.  We can place your Boxer on a waiting list if we have no foster homes available at the time.  Shelter dogs and abandoned/injured dogs take priority over owner surrenders.  If you have a dog that you can no longer care for, you will be required to fill out an Owner Surrender contract.  Please fill out as much information about the dog as you can to help us place him in the appropriate home.  Please be sure to read the contract carefully because you are surrendering ALL owner rights to the dog.
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue's Owner Surrender Contract is available upon request.

Please email us at if you have a Boxer that you need to place.

If you are returning a Blue Ridge Boxer Dog PLEASE say in the Subject line: BRBR Owner Surrender.

If you are surrendering a dog who has never been a Blue Ridge Boxer Dog PLEASE place in the Subject line: Owner Surrender.


Information you need to include in your email
about your boxer before BRBR can consider your Boxer:


1. Did you adopt your boxer from BRBR?

2. We NEED pictures of your boxer, your boxer will not be considered for BRBR until we have pictures to assure your dog is a boxer!!

3. Age of your Boxer

4. Is your Boxer good with other dogs, kids or cats?

5. What vet work has your Boxer had? Is he or she spayed or neutered?

6. Does your Boxer have any health problems?

7. Is your Boxer on monthly heartworm prevention?

8. Where are you located? (please note: we accept dogs from NC, SC and some parts of VA ONLY)

9. Why are you considering surrendering your Boxer to BRBR?

10. It is very important that you entitile your email with the dogs name and your last name

*It may take up to 2 weeks to get a response concerning an owner surrender.

DO NOT EMAIL stating: "I need an owner surrender form for my boxer." Please include ALL of the information above. You will be asked for all this information before your Boxer is considered.
Thank you in advance!